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Teen Catches Unbelievable 54-Inch Musky in Wisconsin

While fishing on Green Bay, a young boy was able to catch a very impressive musky in Wisconsin.

Zach Kohlbeck, 13, was fishing for walleyes but he caught a huge musky in Wisconsin on Green Bay.

Watch this news clip and see how Zach and his dad handle the 54-inch musky that they originally thought was a carp.

When asked about the musky he caught Zach told reporters, “It was fun. The pole was bent over completely. I thought it was going to break the pole.”

According to reports Zach battled with the musky in Wisconsin for 22 minutes to catch on of the Badger State’s official fish.He left the fish go, but for memories sake he will have a replica of the fish made to last a lifetime.

Next time you hit the water remember to bring a camera and document what you catch for your undeniable bragging rights.



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Teen Catches Unbelievable 54-Inch Musky in Wisconsin