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Ted Nugent Shares His Thoughts with Anti-Hunters [VIDEO]

Ted Nugent explains why he hunts and the importance of wild game.

Ted Nugent, also known as crazy Uncle Ted, explains why hunting is important and the great things that go with harvesting an animal.

Watch him passionately explain why he hunts.

For those of you who don’t know Ted Nugent, he is an American musician, hunter, and poltical activist. He has a strong stance against drugs and alcohol and is a role model in many ways. He might be a little crazy, but you should still listen to what he has to say.

Ted has an interesting way of explaining his points, but they are valid. Venison is extremely healthy, and as organic as it gets.

Hunting was, is, and always will be a way of life. If it wasn’t for our ancestors hunting, we would likely not be around.

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Ted Nugent Shares His Thoughts with Anti-Hunters [VIDEO]