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Ted Cruz Goes Pheasant Hunting in Iowa

This was definitely a good day away from the Nation's Capital. Have a look at Ted Cruz on a pheasant hunt in Iowa.

What a great way to spend Halloween as Ted Cruz headed out on a ring-necked pheasant hunt with Republican Steve King in the fields of Iowa.

After a week of debates and campaigning in Washington, check out how this Texas representative drops this pheasant on a field hunt in Iowa with some comments and humour thrown in.

Now that is a productive way for a politician to blow off steam from hours of debates at the capitol. Ted Cruz obviously enjoys a good upland hunt in Iowa and knows how to handle a shotgun in the field.

It's always a good thing to see politicians taking part in hobbies that don't warrant a hair and makeup staff be on hand to fix any mishaps. It's also refreshing to see a Texas representative stand by to his or her true beliefs, as Ted Cruz is an avid 2nd Amendment supporter.

Congratulations on the successful hunt, Mr. Cruz!

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Ted Cruz Goes Pheasant Hunting in Iowa