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When Technology Cooks Your Camping Meals


This new innovative piece of technology is no bigger than your laptop but may take the place of your camping stove.  

Dragan Trenchevski, a Macedonian designer, has developed the concept for the Electrolux Mobile Kitchen. It is a portable battery-powered stovetop that uses induction heating to cook.


It is also has an interactive touchscreen so you can watch videos, connect to Wifi, video chat with your friends, browse recipes on the Web (recipes on can be downloaded onto the device for free), and it even has a camera.

You will now be able to take selfies of yourself cooking in the woods.


Underneath the “stovetop” is a slide-out cutting board and a grater. These fit compactly on the bottom of the device and you can slide them out to use.


It looks like Trenchevski has thought of everything, except maybe s’more skewers.

The Electrolux Mobile Kitchen will even come in three different colors. This product is still only a concept, as it has some issues with cleaning and overheating, but I wouldn’t be surprised if we see this in outdoor stores in the next couple years.

These amazing advances in technology make me wonder what camping will look like in 2040…

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When Technology Cooks Your Camping Meals