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Technology Can Be a Necessity: 10 Cool Camping Apps [PICS]

If you are going to leave your phone behind on your next camping trip, these cool camping apps may make you change your mind.

Walking through the wilderness is a great way to disconnect with the busy world that surrounds you every day. Turning off your phone adds to the solitude but before you push that power button, check out these apps that will enhance your camping trip more than not having your phone at all.

First Aid

First Aid
iTunes First Aid by American Red Cross

This is the official American Red Cross First Aid app. In this app you will find step-by-step instructions, and even videos, on how to deal with everyday emergencies. You will also find useful safety tips if you happen to run into some severe weather while camping.

No Internet while camping? No problem. The app is equipped with preloaded content so you will never need an Internet connection to access the information. One of the best features allows you to call 911 from directly within the app.

You may not ever need first aid while you are camping, but it is better to have this app and know what to do if a first aid situation ever arises.

Star Walk 2

star walk
iTunes Star Walk 2

Star Walk 2 is a stargazing tool that shows you stars, constellations, planets, comets, satellites, and more that are floating around in the sky. No Internet connection is needed to use the app.

The real-time motion tracking is what makes this a really cool camping app. It allows you to hold your phone (or tablet) up to the sky and the app shows you what you are looking at. The tracking aspect follows the motion of your phone and lights up your screen with the starts and constellations you are seeing.


iTunes What Knot To Do

The WhatKnot app is outfitted with step-by-step instructions and illustrations of 70 different types of knots you may need while camping. It teaches you useful knots for fishing, backpacking, hunting, building a shelter or raft, and more.

Camping List

camping list
iTunes Camping List

The Camping List app is a cool camping app you use before your actual trip. You’ll never forget to pack anything ever again with this simple, easy-to-use checklist.

It comes with a large preloaded list of things you may want to bring on your trip categorized into groups such as clothing, equipment, safety, cooking and dining, as well as others. Just tap on an item to check it off your list once it’s packed away and ready to go.

MyCast Weather Radar

mycast weather
iTunes My-Cast Weather Radar

MyCast Weather Radar is an award-winning iPhone/iPod Touch app. It shows current weather as well as StormWatch severe weather alerts for the current day you are camping and up to seven days in advance. It corresponds with the latest alerts direct from the National Weather Service and allows for GPS positioning.

What makes this not only a safety app, but also a cool camping app is the real-time animated radar. There are no static images and it has animation of sunshine, rain, or any other type of weather you are in.

Sun Seeker

sun seeker1
Google play Sun Seeker

The Sun Seeker app shows the solar path of the sun with hour intervals and summer and winter solstice paths.

You may think this is not an app you will need while camping, but it also shows the rise and set times of the sun. You can also use GPS tracking within the app to determine the solar direction and path of your current location. You can use this information to plan when to start and end your day according to daylight.

Audubon Birds Pro

audubon birds1
Google play Audubon Birds Pro

Audubon Birds Pro supplies you with information on 821 different species of birds including pictures, detailed descriptions, and sounds of each species.

You can follow recent updated sighting from the Cornell Laboratory of Ornithology as well as track your own personal sightings.

Project Noah

project noah
iTunes Project Noah

Project Noah is a great app to have when your kids are traveling the trail with you. When it was launched, it was rated the #1 educational app in the U.S. You use the app to document and share wildlife and interesting plant sightings while on your trip and you can even see what others have recently sighted near you.

The app also has a “Fields Missions” tab where labs and environmental organizations appeal for data and assign you a project.



GeoCaching is a global treasure hunt where people hide and seek physical containers and share their experience and adventure online.

This app is home to everything you need to find your next geocache. It has advanced search tools and allows you to access all types of geocaches.

Bug Spray – Ultrasonic

bug spray
iTunes Bug Spray

Bug Spray – Ultrasonic is a very unique camping app. It voices high frequency tones that have the effect of repelling insects.

The tones are above hearing range of most people so you will not be able to hear the sound, although the app is equipped with a sound meter to show you the tones are playing. There are three modes to choose from so you can try different ones and use the tone that best works for your current situation.

Time to grab your phone and download these amazingly cool camping apps before you head out on your next trip. Some are completely free and others you may need to pay for. Download them all or choose the ones for you; either way, these apps can enhance your overall camping experience.

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Technology Can Be a Necessity: 10 Cool Camping Apps [PICS]