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Teamwork (and Guns) Makes For a Great Way to Down a Tree

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The way these guys use teamwork to down a tree will make you want to find a few friends and go try this for yourself.

What’s the best way to get rid of a tree you no longer need? Well after watching this video I’d have to say that a group of shooters who really know the meaning of the word teamwork.

Check out what they manage to do with somewhere around 13 guys all aiming at the same point on a tree that had to go.

This takes the idea of teamwork to a whole new level. What took them almost exactly 30 seconds to do (bring down that looks to be at least 50-inches around the trunk) would have taken a single shooter at least 30 minutes, probably much longer.

It’s also an amazing show of the power that these firearms have when confined to a single target area, and a reminder that if you are shooting a weapon like this you need to make sure you know what your backstop is.


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Teamwork (and Guns) Makes For a Great Way to Down a Tree