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Team USA Mens Archers Nab Silver

Jake Kaminski (Wikimedia)

The Team USA mens archery team will be bringing home some hardware.

On August 6, the Team USA mens archery team did their best to outshoot their South Korean opponents. By the end of the day, South Korea had walked away with some gold hardware and the US team proudly displayed their silver medals.

US archer Jake Kaminski summed it up when he said, “It went as well as we possibly could have made it. This was our best match of the day and I wouldn’t change our performance.”

The reason was simple; South Korea essentially shot a world record and a perfect score. “If there was a world record still in the sport, they would’ve had it,” Kaminski also told reporters.

South Korea was led by archer Woojin Kim and tallied 15 of its 18 shots as a perfect 10.

The US registered 10 bullseye in the competition and proud of their performance. As top US shooter Brady Ellison put it, “We were darn good, and they were perfect.”

Olympic shooting is a truly challenging sport. All shooters in The Games shoot recurve bows at a target a distance of nearly 77 yards away. At that distance the 48-inch target would appear to be about the size of a thumbtack in the archer’s perspective.

The inner 10-ring on a target measures around 4.5 inches. From the distance archers shoot, the target’s 10 ring would appear as the tiniest dot in the center of the thumbtack. If you’ve ever shot any bow (but especially a recurve) at that distance you can surely appreciate the skill of all archers who qualified for The Games.

Click here to check out an article containing an interesting video for those interested in Olympic archery.

With the individual archery competition already underway, the US archers have their work cut out for them to find the medal podium. Brady Ellison is expected to do well in the competition and add to the US medal count. Expectations are one thing, we’ll have to see what happens when the arrows begin to fly.

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Team USA Mens Archers Nab Silver