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Teacher Under Fire After Killing a Rabbit in Class


An Idaho teacher is in hot water after giving his students a hands-on demonstration on killing and skinning rabbits.

An unidentified biology teacher may be facing disciplinary action after he butchered a rabbit in front of 10th grade students at Columbia High School in Nampa, Idaho.

The teacher, who works part-time raising rabbits and other livestock on his farm, was asked by students previously to show them how to process a rabbit, but had declined. He later relented, placing a live rabbit in a restraining device before breaking its neck and skinning it. Students who did not want to watch the act were excused beforehand.

Parents who were told about the event later called to complain, and other teachers said students reported they were upset. Allison Westfall, a spokesperson for the Nampa School District, said the lesson was not part of the school’s biology curriculum and was not cleared by administrators.

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According to school officials, the Nampa, Idaho school district was once rural, but has begun to see more urbanization and enrollment due to the neighboring city of Boise.

The teacher has since apologized to children who were disturbed. School officials have declined to confirm if the teacher would be punished for the rabbit killing.

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Teacher Under Fire After Killing a Rabbit in Class