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Taylor Drury Brings Us 51 Kill Shots in 60 Seconds

51 kill shots in 60 seconds
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Take the next few moments of your day to watch this video of 51 kill shots in 60 seconds, brought to you by Taylor Drury. 

With deer season in the rearview mirror most of us are looking at turkey season. But Taylor Drury and the gang at Drury Outdoors have taken a few minutes out of turkey season preparation to put together an amazing compilation of whitetail hunts, a total of 51 kill shots in 60 seconds. Check it out…

That video was full of beautiful footage and some excellent shots.

Like some of those who commented on the YouTube video, my first thought was ‘I wish I had seen that many nice bucks, much less get a shot at one’. But I suppose if we were to put in the time, effort, and money that the Drurys do we would probably have a better chance at doing just that.

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Taylor Drury Brings Us 51 Kill Shots in 60 Seconds