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Taxidermist Shakes Things Up with Bobblehead Mount

YouTube/Jason Confer

Who ever said that you couldn't have a full-sized bobblehead coyote mount?

No matter where you are in the world or what species you might be looking at, taxidermy is always a great subject to talk about with friends. They remind us of successful fishing trips, memorable hunts and have the ability to generate a pretty good discussion amongst outdoor enthusiasts.

If you feel like you're taxidermy isn't the center of conversation at your next party, take some advice from this taxidermist and shake things up a bit.

And there I was thinking that I had seen it all.

Maybe the bobblehead idea isn't for your next mount, though it should serve as a great reminder that the possibilities are relatively endless when recreating a scene with your trophy.

So often it's easy to walk-in to a taxidermy studio, choose a direction to turn the animal's head and leave. Even if you're not choosing to have a full body mount, shoulder mounts have plenty of options, too. Speak with your taxidermist adding a habitat backdrop, changing the ear direction and how to position the neck. Just these few little changes will guarantee that your trophy always stands out among the rest, regardless of their size.

Well done Confer's Taxidermy and way to shake things up, literally!

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Taxidermist Shakes Things Up with Bobblehead Mount