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Taurus .44 Magnum Revolver in Slow Motion

Slow motion video of the mighty .44 Magnum revolver firing is gonna knock your socks off.

With major muzzle flash and heavy recoil this video is quite a treat.

Watch this video and see slow motion footage of a Taurus revolver in .44 magnum throwing lead downrange.

Taofledermaus has quite a feast for the eyes in this video. A Taurus revolver chambered for the mighty .44 magnum cartridge is being fired.

The slowed down footage of this bear blasting revolver is just nothing short of impressive. With heavy recoil and quite a flame ball this big bucking revolver is not for the recoil shy shooter.

Sure there are bigger revolvers out there but Clint Eastwood's favorite caliber still gets the job done with great power and style.


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Taurus .44 Magnum Revolver in Slow Motion