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Mutant Tattoo Shotgun Slugs: They Ain’t Pretty, But Still Fly

Tattoo shotgun shells that are handmade can be dangerous! We like dangerous.

Please make sure you exercise all safety if you think about making your own projectiles to be fired from a firearm. Now that the safety disclaimer has been said, let’s enjoy some mutant shotgun slugs.

The guys at Demolition Ranch have served up yet again some hilarious rounds that appear to be solid contenders for possible innovation in the future. We are already seeing polymer bullets and have even seen polymer casings with metal projectiles. All relative things considered, I think that using plastic in bullets can be a winner.

Watching Matt shoot these types of weird tattoo projectiles out of a shotgun reminds me of a Blunderbuss. The Blunderbuss was the shotgun of the early 18th century. The Blunderbuss would be hand-loaded with powder and a handful of rocks, bolts or pretty much whatever was around. The shooter would point and bang, lots of small projectiles thrown out of the barrel. While this sounds great there really was no control over how far those projectiles were going to go.

I’m sure tattoo gun shotgun shells are not the most accurate things, but put this idea in your back pocket should ammo sales skyrocket in the distant future.


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Mutant Tattoo Shotgun Slugs: They Ain’t Pretty, But Still Fly