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Who Else Wants This Ingenious All-Terrain Motorcycle? [VIDEO]

The Russians have created yet another ingenious all-terrain vehicle: The Tarus 2.

Designed by Russian manufacturer Motorcycle 2x2the Tarus 2 is a portable, two-wheel drive, all-terrain motorcycle that's easy to setup and tear down. Assembly and disassembly takes roughly five minutes, and the disassembled package can easily fit into the back of a small car. It's also fairly light for a motorbike, weighing only 170 pounds.

Check out the bike in action

The Tarus 2 isn't built for speed, but it does have some get-up-and-go for a small bike.

The specs:

  • Engine: 210 cc, 4 stroke, 7 h.p., gasoline powered
  • Engine start: Electric\manual
  •  2-wheel drive
  • Fuel-Tank Capacity: 4 liters
  • Separate disk brakes
  • Tire size:  25...12-9 KingTyre
  • Tire pressure: 0.1- 0.2 атм.
  • Weight: 170 pounds
  • Top speed: 21.7 mph


It's not a fast bike, but we think the Tarus 2 could be a fun and practical way for sportsmen to get around the woods. With a standard tire assembly, this all-terrain motorcycle is capable of blasting up hillsides, over fields of snow, rivers and streams and through piles of mud.

Currently, the Tarus 2 is for sale only in Russia, but the company plans to start shipping the bike worldwide in 2015, according to their website. You can buy the schematics to build the bike yourself for 1,300 rupples, which comes out to about 35 US dollars. Hey, we're willing to forgo a long weekend's worth of beer to build one.

More stuff we want:

Would you buy the Tarus 2 or the schematics to build one? Let us know in the comments section below. 

Images via Motorcycle 2x2/


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Who Else Wants This Ingenious All-Terrain Motorcycle? [VIDEO]