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Tarpon Landed from a SUP Board? Yes, It’s a Battle [VIDEO]

Many anglers have fished using a stand up paddle board (SUP), but fishing for tarpon?

How about catching a tarpon? The angler in this video does just that.

The angler was smart to be using the Kaku Kahuna SUP, which is designed for stability.

Especially since he was fishing for (and caught) a tarpon, which can grow up to 8 feet in length and 280 pounds. The tarpon caught wasn’t on that end of the scale, but it was a good-sized fish.

I’ve caught some big fish—on a normal-sized boat—and I can tell you that I had tunnel vision. I was impressed that this angler had the presence of mind to adjust camera…even though the equipment didn’t cooperate very well.

I was wondering, throughout the video, what he was going to do when he got the fish up to the SUP, but I guess there was only one answer.

I also would like to have had a frame of reference to see how far the tarpon pulled him on the SUP. When the fish pulling you causes a wake, you’re going for a ride.

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Tarpon Landed from a SUP Board? Yes, It’s a Battle [VIDEO]