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The TargetCam Spotting System is Your New Range Gadget [VIDEO]

The new TargetCam System will save you time and money on the range.

We are all familiar with this exercise: shoot a group, walk downrange, review target, walk back to shooting bench, start over. This can occur over an extended period of time if you must wait for a shooting line to be declared “safe” by the Range Master before you proceed downrange to check your target. You don’t have to put up with this anymore thanks to the TargetCam.

The TargetCam system is a complete unit that allows you to monitor your target from up to 2,500 yards away. The TargetCam includes a small camera that is mounted on a tripod that stays downrange and focuses on your target. You take the rest of the unit back to the shooting line with you. The hard-shell, water-resistant case houses a monitor and the controls. The system is very compact and durable. Your target is displayed on a 10.5-inch screen, making it easy to see from your shooting position.

You can see the TargetCam in use in this video, starting at the 4:00 minute mark.


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TargetCam is wireless and works on radio waves. There is no WiFi or internet connection needed – which you’re not going to find out in the boonies where a lot of shooting takes place.

This simple, affordable, self-contained unit ends the countless trips downrange, and the uncertainty of where you are hitting your target is removed instantly. Getting instant feedback makes your time at the range more efficient and enjoyable.

The TargetCam batteries will last 5 to 6 hours to give you plenty of time of the range. The system features and one year warranty. There are several options available such as multiple cameras and the ability to record your shooting session.

The TargetCam makes range time fun and efficient like never before.

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The TargetCam Spotting System is Your New Range Gadget [VIDEO]