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Tannerite & the Poplar Tree: An Explosive Relationship [VIDEO]

Watch as five pounds of Tannerite levels a huge poplar tree. 

These guys were out to take down a huge poplar tree, and they could only think of one solution: Tannerite.

Check out this clip and watch what five pounds of this explosive can do to an aging poplar tree in the forest.

Now that was an explosion! Did you notice how the debris and flying tree material completely blocked the view of the camera upon impact?

That Tannerite certainly did the trick and downed the massive poplar tree in mere seconds. From the video it sounded like that was a deafening explosion; hopefully the men involved were wearing ear protection.

Take a lesson from these guys, and detonate Tannerite only if you’re a safe distance from the explosion.

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Tannerite & the Poplar Tree: An Explosive Relationship [VIDEO]