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Tannerite Explosion Takes Out Sounder of Feral Hogs

Tannerite Hogs
YouTube:Hog Goggles

This sounder of hogs didn't know what hit them.

Feral hog populations are exploding across the United States, but nowhere is the problem bigger than in Texas. The feral hog problem has gotten so bad there that the Texas Parks and Wildlife Department has effectively taken an "anything goes" approach to dealing with them.

Want to shoot them after dark with night vision? That's legal. Want to cut them down from a fast-moving helicopter? You can do that too. Texans are even allowed to shoot wild pigs out of a hot air balloon, although we haven't seen a video of that yet.

You are even allowed to use Tannerite on them. In case you didn't know, Tannerite is a compound mixed to make exploding targets. However, some have used Tannerite to kill feral hogs. The video below shows an example of just that.

Well, that is one way to save ammo. This Tannerite hog explosion may seem ridiculously over the top, but hog control is serious business. These animals can decimate a farmer's crop in just a single evening. Most biologists studying the problem of feral pigs note that the animals are extremely hardy and reproduce quickly.

Too quickly in fact. Despite a constant defensive effort of pest control from hunters and ranchers, the wild hog population grows by up to 20 percent a year. Officials recommend removing at least seven out of 10 animals in order to keep the population in check. It is getting to the point where some people make a viable living in the hog hunting industry because landowners simply cannot keep up.

Hunting hogs with Tannerite may seem extreme, but it seems to have been effective here in taking out multiple hogs at once. To most Texas residents, the only good hog is a dead hog. Which is why most don't have a problem with this method of population control!



Tannerite Explosion Takes Out Sounder of Feral Hogs