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A Tank Goes To Whitecastle [VIDEO]

When that lunch time comes knocking, why not hop in your World War II vintage tank and hit the drive through?

What could be better than a trip to the Whitecastle drive through window, and then out to the range to try out all of this tank’s firepower?

Not much in our book! Let’s join FPSRussia and get in on the fun. Our Russian-accented friend drives through the streets in a tank on the way to fill his stomach at the local Whitecastle, and then takes out a block wall on a gun range with machine gun and cannon fire.

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When he shoots watermelons off the top of an old SUV with a belt-fed .30 caliber machine gun, and then takes out the vehicle itself with main tank cannon rounds, we were pumping our fists! The SUV is then almost driven over by the tank itself, but this tank is a bit on the light side for that type of vehicle sandwich-making.

We feel service would be a lot faster at our local drive throughs if we all had tanks such as this as our modes of travel. Gas mileage, though, might be a problem…

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A Tank Goes To Whitecastle [VIDEO]