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Tampa Bay Fishing is Overlooked For No Good Reason [VIDEO]

Get some tips for Tampa Bay fishing in this great video.

There always seem to be quite a few articles about fishing the Indian River or Sebastian Inlet on the East Coast of Florida.

Lets not forget the West Coast of Florida, where Tampa Bay has just as much to offer if not more. Redfish, cobia, trout, snook, grouper and the almighty tarpon are just a few species that can be caught in Tampa Bay. In this video from Addictive Fishing Capt. Blair Wiggins has a few tips, lures and techniques he uses in Tampa Bay.

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Here are just a few of the hot spots for Tampa Bay fishing:

  • The  Skyway Fishing Pier that extends over 2 miles into the Bay
  • The Tampa Bay Estuary that is the largest Estuary in Florida covering 400 square miles
  • Surf fishing along the Tampa Bay area Beaches
  • Fishing the more than 100 tributaries that flow into Bay

Know of any other good Tampa Bay fishing spots?

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Tampa Bay Fishing is Overlooked For No Good Reason [VIDEO]