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Florida Champion Scott Ellis on Turkeys, Calling, and Bringing Them In

If you're talking turkey calling you might as well get Florida champion Scott Ellis to run you through his variety of calls.

Have a look as Scott Ellis discussed talking turkey and turkey calling with HuntFloridaTV  and shows what calls he prefers and how he uses them to get those big toms into range. It might surprise you what a wide variety of calls he works depending on the hunting situation.

There is some good tactical use of calls for the conditions. Not surprisingly, Ellis prefers a mouth call for stationary hunting situations due to its wide range and the ability to minimize movement. He also likes a tube call for cutting and running, loud and resonant, it gets the call well out to trigger reply gobbles. In a blind, he will get on a box call or use the friction call as he can move those arms a bit more under cover.

For getting those turkeys in he uses some pretty low key clucking and cutting to get the birds attention; if they are hanging up out of range he relies on purrs to close the deal. What is great to see is that it is a real focus on the basics in calling but with refinements to get the edge in those hunting situations.

Great demo and shows why Scott Ellis is the best of 2013, 2015 and 2016 NWTF Grand National Head-to-Head Turkey Calling Championships.


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Florida Champion Scott Ellis on Turkeys, Calling, and Bringing Them In