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And Now For Something Completely Different… A Talking Squirrel [VIDEO]

Well folks, it was only a matter of time – the squirrels are finally able to speak their minds.

Sort of.

This video, titled ‘Professional Squirrel Translator (Talking Squirrel)’, has been making the rounds since it was uploaded in December of last year, and for good reason – it’s hilarious.

So quick, before you watch, remember the last time a squirrel scampered up next to your stand and ruined a perfectly good shot. Okay, now with that in mind… Enjoy!

Transcribed, from the video, he is saying:

Hello there, I am a fat little squirrel sitting on your porch. Thank you very much for giving me these delicious walnuts. I like them very much. You are a nice person. I will be sure to come back tomorrow to get some more walnuts. You are my favorite person in the neighborhood. I like you like you love you…

Apparently, the Internet isn’t the only party interested in this guy’s fast-talking squirrel skills. From the ‘About’ portion of the video:

I’ve recently been contacted by Good Morning America/ABC about showing little Ramon here on their programs! One step closer to his lifelong dream of landing a Planters Nuts endorsement. Thanks for all the likes, shares, and comments!

There you have it, folks. If you want to strike it rich, just start talking to your squirrels.

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And Now For Something Completely Different… A Talking Squirrel [VIDEO]