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Goose Hunt Turns into a Wild Goose Chase! [VIDEO]

This here is one wild goose chase! 

This guy was just out for his average goose hunt, but the unexpected happened, turning that regular hunt into an extreme one!

Wait until you see this incredible pond jump, we’ve never seen anything like it.

Are you a goose-hunting enthusiast? Check out these tips for the best hunt ever:

  1. Make sure to spread your decoys out.
  2. Don’t just come with one type of call.
  3. Goose hunting on windy days can require adjustments.
  4. Stay still and quiet.
  5. Your decoys need to be able to move to look realistic.
  6. Simple calls are effective.
  7. When it is cold, geese will bed down.

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Goose Hunt Turns into a Wild Goose Chase! [VIDEO]