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This Longbow Turkey Hunt is Pure Poetry in Motion

Looking for a more challenging hunt? How about turkey hunting with a longbow?

Any one that’s chased after a wily springtime gobbler knows how big of a challenge it can be. Check out this video by The Mobile Hunter on using a longbow to hunt turkeys.

Not only is he hunting turkey with traditional equipment, he is also on foot without the aid of a ground blind, making for an extremely difficult and rewarding hunt.

Exciting stuff watching that big tom come in to the call. No doubt about it, hunting with a stick bow is considerably more difficult that shooting a compound bow. It can be an extremely rewarding and at time frustrating venture to head out into the woods with a simple stick-and-string setup. W

ith no technology to assist you like mechanical releases, fall away arrow rests, or highly accurate sights, the bow, arrow and yourself must be in a perfect state of harmony. Interesting in giving traditional bows a try? The specialists at The Longbow Shop provide some great hints and tips to get you on the traditional path.



Hunting Public Land Turkeys is Easy When You Follow These Tips

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This Longbow Turkey Hunt is Pure Poetry in Motion