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Take Your Water Wars up a Notch with the Skyblaster Water Balloon Slingshot


Make your own water balloon slingshot capable of blasting water balloons up to 150 feet away!

 Summer is fast approaching and with it the unbearable heat we look to escape. The most fun way people look at cooling themselves down from the sun's blasting rays are blasting each other with water guns and the occasional water balloon barrage.

While lobbing a water balloon at a unsuspecting family member is always fun, you can take your water wars with them a little more serious with this DIY slingshot. Made from a few pieces of PVC pipe and a workout band it is capable of launching up to three water balloons at a time over 150 feet away.

To see it in action and learn how to build one for yourself check out the video below.

I couldn't believe the power that thing had behind it. Judging by the welp marks the water balloon's left I think you may want to tone down the band's power just a bit if you plan on shooting your kiddos with it.

This thing looks like it would be a blast to use though and I think I might secretly make one for myself. That way the next time the kids think it will be funny to spray dad down with a water gun while he is doing yard work I can surprise them with a few water balloons no matter how far they try to get away.

If you would like more detailed instructions on how to build the Skyblaster Slingshot the videos creator also sells a 29 page PDF you can purchase here.


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Take Your Water Wars up a Notch with the Skyblaster Water Balloon Slingshot