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Take the Pledge to Disconnect with Cabela’s Disconnect Day [VIDEO]


In today’s world it is important to disconnect and spend some quality time outdoors with your family.

In today’s technology-driven world everyone is plugged in with some sort of device. This is really beginning to affect how our children see and experience the world, mainly through a screen of some sort. Instead of disconnecting and being in the great outdoors learning how the world works and making memories, they are indoors downloading their childhood.

To help combat technologies grip on our children Cabela’s has teamed up with country singer Justin Moore, to launch Disconnect Day. This is a day of your choosing that you disconnect and power off your electronic devices to spend the day outdoors bonding with your family.

This video perfectly sums up exactly what this day is all about. Instead of a child who sees the wonders the world holds, she is experiencing it through the pixels of a tablet. This is very sad, but a big dose of reality for most kids and people in the world today.

Justin Moore has already taken the pledge with his family saying, As a husband and dad of two daughters, I know how challenging it can be to find time with a crazy schedule to get away form the noise and spend time together. For my Disconnect Day, I’m grabbing my Cabela’s camping gear and taking my family to our favorite spot with no phones allowed…except for taking pictures.”

To pledge yourself or your family go to and fill out the form stating:

I, (Your Name), PLEDGE to myself and to my family, for which I stand, that for one day I will unplug it, power it off, and shut it down, in order to look up and look around. I will set aside the small screen to once again see the big picture. On this day I will not use any smart phones, tablets, phablets, desktops, laptops, notebooks, video chats, instant messaging, emails, tweets, grams that are instant, links that are in, or faces that have been booked. And most of all, I pledge to get my head out of my app, with liberty and just us, for all.

After your Disconnect Day, Cabela’s is asking you to share what you or your family did to help spread the word. Just post your photos or a description of what you did with #MyDisconnectDay on your favorite social media platforms.

I feel like this is something we can all get behind for just one day. I know it can be hard and a struggle of habit for a lot of us, but it is important to do so for your kids sake. My family has already taken the pledge and will use our Disconnect Day on our camping trip in July.

Where will you use yours?

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Take the Pledge to Disconnect with Cabela’s Disconnect Day [VIDEO]