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How to Take the Perfect Trophy Photo


Capture the moment right with the perfect trophy photo.

You are an outdoorsman. The reason you hunt, fish, and spend as much time outside as humanly possible is because you love connecting with nature. When the stars align and you accomplish the goal of harvesting a trophy animal, you want to capture the moment with a photograph.

Making certain you take the best possible picture is vital to recording your special moment. Here are a few secrets that ensure you know how to take the perfect trophy photo.

Situate Your Trophy

Most taxidermists pride themselves in creating beautiful renditions of animals as they might have been seen in their natural habitat. Outdoorsmen should take similar pride in situating their trophy haul before taking a photo.

Is your game splattered with blood? Does it have its tongue hanging out? Are there broken limbs showing? All these things take away from your trophy picture.

Show the animal’s best features. If you are posing with a rainbow trout, then hold the fish in a manner as to best display its color. If posing with a Rio Grande turkey, then fan out its tail feathers.

And by all means make sure you are showing off the animal. Refuse to let yourself take center stage. Get behind your trophy and let the animal be the focal point.

Screen Shot 2014-11-11 at 4.34.27 PM

Consider Your Background 

The backdrop of your picture can make all the difference in the world. You wouldn’t want to have your buck of a lifetime positioned in front of the local pharmacy with all your hunting buddies standing around holding their beers.

Likewise, avoid placing your game on an ATV, in a truck bed, or the hood of a car. Instead, take your photo in the habitat where you harvested your trophy. A background of woods, an open field, or perhaps your hunting lodge would be ideal.

If you’re posing with a monster largemouth bass, then take the photo at the landing dock or, better, out on the water. Bottom line: let Mother Nature play a huge role in your photography.

Incorporate Your Gear 

Many sportsmen prefer their photos to include the gear they were using at the time of their successful haul. This is especially true if the gear has sentimental value. Did you harvest your first banded duck using grandpa’s 12 gauge shotgun? Then by all means put the shotgun in the photo! It makes for a great conversation piece, as well as memento, when your trophy picture reveals the tools of the trade. Feel free to include your firearm, bow, or fishing rod in your pose as this will add a unique element.

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Adjust Your Attire

Chances are you are wearing some type of hat and a pair of sunglasses, which are great items to have for keeping the sun out of your eyes. They can also make it nearly impossible to catch a good shot of your face when taking a photo.

Whether it’s pushing up the brim of your cap so there is no shadow on your brow, tucking in your shirt, or changing out of your blood-soaked pants, make sure you do your part to draw, only positive, attention to yourself.

Consider Your Technology 

It’s no secret that the better equipment you can get your hands the better chances you have of snapping a great picture. There is nothing wrong with calling up a friend who has a high quality camera and asking them to take your photo.

Nowadays, most smart phones come equipped with high megapixel cameras built in. Still, it is always a good idea to take several shots from diverse angles and positions to help guarantee that you appreciate your trophy photo.

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So the next time you are successful in the field, don’t forget these tips to create a lasting memory of your good fortune. Don’t forget to smile!

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How to Take the Perfect Trophy Photo