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Take a Close Look at the Ferguson Breechloading Rifle

The Ferguson Breechloading Rifle was an important step to modern firearm designs.

Loading from the breech is much easier than loading down the muzzle.

Ian from Forgotten Weapons shows us all about the incredible Ferguson breechloading flintlock rifle.

The Ferguson breechloading rifle was the first ever breechloading rifle to be used by an army. They actually were used in a small numbers by the British against the rebelling Colonial Americans.

The Ferguson Rifle was a traditional flintlock rifle, but the loading steps were completely different. With a threaded breech block, this rifle allowed the shooter to load a round .65 caliber ball and then load the powder behind it. Closing the breech block by using the locking lever, the excess powder becomes the pan priming powder. All the shooter had to do is cock the hammer and then fire.

This rifle was just a step of many to what we know as our modern breech loading weapons.



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Take a Close Look at the Ferguson Breechloading Rifle