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Red Arrow Shows Us How to Take Out Carpenter Bees With a Bow [VIDEO]

If you are having problems with carpenter bees you need to watch this video. It is probably the coolest way we have ever seen to take out carpenter bees.

Most of the time carpenter bees are not that big of an issue. Sure, they can be a little scary to people who don’t know what they are but they generally stay away from people and don’t bother them. Unfortunately, what they do bother is our property.

If left unchecked the bees can do massive amounts of damage to any buildings or structures made out of wood. So places like your front porch, your barn, or even your treestands and blinds are fair game for these wood loving creatures.

But luckily, there is a fun, and beneficial way to take out carpenter bees… with a bow. Watch how the guys from Red Arrow put their exterminator skills to work.

For most of us this is a pretty tough shot, no matter what the distance. But it can make for amazing accuracy later on when we are actually hunting. As the sniper saying goes, “Aim small, miss small.”

See more great stuff from the Red Arrow team on their Facebook page.

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Red Arrow Shows Us How to Take Out Carpenter Bees With a Bow [VIDEO]