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How to Take Care of a Boat Fire Like a Boss [VIDEO]

boat fire

Watch this jet boat operator extinguish a boat fire like it wasn’t even there!

Never underestimate the power of people helping each other. Outdoorsmen and women are known to help out in a pinch, and this person is no different.

Watch what a boss does when somebody’s boat is in flames.

We may never know if it was a man or a woman driving the fire-extinguishing craft. We don’t think it really matters to the owner of the other boat!

There might actually be something left to salvage after the flames are gone. More importantly, let’s hope nobody got hurt.

Don’t try this yourself, as it’s just too dangerous. Call the fire department and get some professional help if you need it.

That jet boat captain obviously had some experience!

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How to Take Care of a Boat Fire Like a Boss [VIDEO]