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Take Camp Meals up a Notch with the Ka-Bar Tactical Spork


Meet the most hardcore spork ever created courtesy of Ka-Bar Knives.

In May, when Ka-Bar Knives announced it would start producing a tactical spork many laughed it off as a joke. It turns out they were serious and took the crappy sporks we have all used at some point to a whole other level.

Ka-Bar’s Tactical Spork is made from Grilamid, which is a tough, food safe nylon/plastic combination. They kept the traditional fork/spoon combo, but attached it to their famous Bowie knife style handle for a cool look. As for another twist they added a small, serrated 2.5 inch knife into the handle.

The knife is accessed by pulling each end of the spork in opposite directions until it pops out. When done the knife easily and securely slides back into the handle.

Offering an entire eatware set in one small 6.875-inch package that only weighs 0.1 pounds, this is sure to be on every outdoor enthusiast’s wishlist.


The spork is currently only available on Ka-Bar’s website or through Smoky Mountain Knife Works for $6.93. If you decide to order one directly from Ka-Bar, you have to order a minimum of three.

I personally think this is great and really gives people eating in the field a great new all-in-one tool to use for their meals. Now if they could add in a can/bottle opener they would really have outdoorsmen rushing to purchase them.

All photos and videos via Ka-Bar Knives


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Take Camp Meals up a Notch with the Ka-Bar Tactical Spork