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Take a Break and Relax While Coloring Some Guns

Forget abstract designs or run-of-the-mill shapes. Instead, get your hands on this cool coloring book full of guns.

Adult coloring books are a new fad that are taking the nation by storm. A perfect exercise in grounding and relaxation, books can now be bought depicting every shape, scene, and animal that exists. But for those that love shooting, hunting, and the great outdoors, here's the real deal - "Full Metal Coloring: A Book of Down Range Reflection."

Designed by Kimberly Kolb Eakin, this 90-page coloring book has everything a gun lover would want and more. Here is the description in the Amazon listing:

Filled with humor, history and iconic images, Full Metal Coloring appeals to military, veterans, shooting sports athletes and hunters. Amusing quotes by Aristotle, Walter Cronkite, Wyatt Earp and more! Shooting tips by Jerry Miculek, Brian Zins, Jim Henderson and more! Images of the world's greatest shooters, Julie Golob, Sandra & Eric Uptagrafft, Dustin Ellerman, Randi Rogers and more! Featuring coloring pages for Tom Gresham of GunTalk and Michael Waddell of Bone Collector.

And in the words of Eakin, this is why you'll love this book: "I created this book for you - the person who is not into "cutesy wutesy" stuff but rather cold, hard steel.  It's obvious to me (as it must seem to you) that there is beauty in the materials, shapes and sounds of the firearms we handle.  I'm a veteran who appreciates the iconography that many of us find strong and patriotic. Enjoy Full Metal Coloring!"

To order "Full Metal Coloring: A Book of Down Range Reflection," click here.


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Take a Break and Relax While Coloring Some Guns