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Take 5 Minutes and Watch this Interview with Trad Legend Ron LaClair

Listen to this Ron LaClair interview, and you are listening to a modern day archery legend.

I can't say I've ever had the privilege of meeting the man, but Ron LaClair comes across as a bear of a man.

When I first got involved in traditional archery, I purchased a set of DVDs titled Masters of the Barebow that showcased a variety of accomplished hunters. I remember watching the clip in which a large, bearded man named LaClair was featured.

During the video the camera crew followed him around his local woods and even stepped into what appeared to be his home. The place was absolutely papered in hides, heads, quivers, trad bows, you name it. If it was hunting related, it looked like LaClair had it.

Not only did the video capture his passion for hunting, but also his zeal and talent for archery in general. Whether it was aerial targets or standard targets, LaClair could make his shot count.

At one point the video, he was sitting on the ground with his foot bracing the bow and shooting with one hand. This sort of turned his longbow into a giant crossbow. He said something to the effect of, "The year I broke my arm I could hit a milk jug at 50 yards." Most guys can't hit a milk jug at 50 yards standing up and shooting their normal style, let alone sitting down and shooting the bow off their foot. Simply put, Ron LaClair has a natural gift for shooting a bow.

Even more than his shooting ability, LaClair has always come across as a well spoken advocate of traditional archery and hunting in general. If you have a few minutes, this five minute Ron LaClair interview is a must watch.

In a day and age when anti-hunters are reverting more and more to shouting and name calling, it is nice to have well spoken folks like Ron LaClair on our side representing the hunting community. The respect he has for his quarry is plainly apparent and shows the feelings many hunters of all kinds have for their prey.

Ron LaClair has also developed a strong following within the traditional archery community not only for his leadership, but for the traditional bows he makes as well. You can see this bow, dubbed the Shrew, along with a variety of other products at his website Whether you are looking for a bow, quivers, knives, or other traditional gear, LaClair has got you covered.

LaClair is a true modern day woodsman and top tier archer. He has been a World Champion archer, strong advocate of traditional archery, and possibly unbeknownst to him, inspired many archers across the country. Ron LaClair is a true modern day archery legend.

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Take 5 Minutes and Watch this Interview with Trad Legend Ron LaClair