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Taiwan Sees Freaky 16-Foot Oarfish Catch as an Omen for Earthquakes


This 16-foot oarfish is seen as an omen of earthquakes by Taiwanese people.

A Taiwanese fisherman reeled in a very strange catch off the island nation earlier this week and the locals weren’t too happy about it.

The 16-foot-long oarfish, caught on April 19, looks more like a sea serpent out of an old sailor’s tall tale. In Taiwan, the elongated fish was a cause for concern, not because the oarfish is dangerous, but because one is considered an omen for seismic activity.


If you’ve never heard of an oarfish, it’s not surprising. They are deep sea creatures that are very rarely seen, even by fisherman, divers and scientist. Proving they are truly a monster of the deep, they also reach great lengths of up to 32 feet!

Even though the creature is seen as an omen for earthquakes, it didn’t seem to matter to the fisherman who chopped it up in the street to prepare it for cooking. As is often the case with rare sea creature finds these days, photos that quickly went viral.


And as for the rumors of the oarfish being an omen of earthquakes? You’ll probably have a hard time convincing people in Taiwan otherwise. reports the fish was caught just a couple hours after some seismic activity and weeks after a 6.4 magnitude quake killed 117 and injured 500 others in Taiwan’s Tainan City.

Maybe there’s something to that oarfish omen legend after all. Let’s hope the oarfish stay in the dark depths where they belong from now on.

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Taiwan Sees Freaky 16-Foot Oarfish Catch as an Omen for Earthquakes