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These Wild Goats are Masters of Camouflage [VIDEO]

How many animals do you see in this first shot of the below video? Give it a few seconds, and you may be surprised.

In this hunting video from New Zealand, a herd of tahr, a species similar to a wild goat, show their talent for concealment by immediately appearing in unexpected numbers, seemingly out of nowhere.

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Tahr are native to the Himalayas, but have been introduced to New Zealand. They are very social and form large groups in the alpine grasslands, where they live. Since they have no natural predators and are considered pests by many locals, hunting them for population control is encouraged in New Zealand.

Besides their talents for disguise, the video also shows the tahr's nimbleness in the steep hills where they make their home. The tahr's extreme environment welcomes hunters in New Zealand looking for a unique challenge, similar to those hunting the Rocky Mountain goat in the United States.

To hunt tahr, you need to be sure-footed, a good aim, and as this video indicates, have a keen eye in order to even spot them.

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These Wild Goats are Masters of Camouflage [VIDEO]