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Tag Along on the Track of a Big Woods Buck with Hal Blood

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Hal Blood makes his living hunting the big woods bucks of northern Maine.

In this video, Hal Blood shows us the process he uses to track and kill those elusive big timber whitetails when he gets some fresh snow. Watch and learn.

It's amazing how an expert like Hal can tell so much about a deer by his track. Some tips to remember when you cut a big track and want to know if it's a buck worth chasing:

  • Look at the size of the track: A big buck's track will be three inches wide and three inches long.
  • Look for dew claw prints: Heavy old bucks sink deeper into the snow than does and young bucks, leaving marks from their dew claws.
  • Look for staggered tracks: Old bucks with a wide chest will leave tracks about a foot apart between their right and left sides.
  • Pay attention: When you feel you are getting close to the deer, slow down and really scan your surroundings. That way, you'll see the deer before he bolts and get the chance to make a good shot.

Use Hal's expertise the next time you're hunting deer on fresh snow and track down a beauty like the one shown in the video.

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Tag Along on the Track of a Big Woods Buck with Hal Blood