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Tactical Squirrels Could Become Standard Issue After Seeing This

Meet the future of battlefield animal companions with tactical squirrels.

Numerous animals have been used in combat from pigeons to elephants for everything from mounts to assisting in combat. However squirrels have never been able to join these elite ranks, until perhaps now that is.

This fox squirrel used by what looks like the Russian military is capable of not only easily pursuing its target, but making everyone else run in terror. Watch everything unfold in the test video below.

Yes, the little squirrel made everyone run in terror of its cuteness, and no, they weren't real military, just a group of airsoft players.

This video still had me cracking up watching him chase that guy around and jumping from person to person though.

I am assuming this group must have adopted the little guy and keep him around for their own little mascot. I bet he fits perfectly and comfortable into one of their vest pouches just ready to be unleashed onto the battlefield.

Who knows as much entertainment as he provided, maybe the tactical squirrel could be issued to real military units to boost moral all over the globe.


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Tactical Squirrels Could Become Standard Issue After Seeing This