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Great Tactical Shotgun Tips, Starting with a Proper Stance

Learn these tactical shotgun tips from Mossberg and Sons and ensure you have the proper stance to get on target and absorb recoil.

Jeremy Stafford teaches and demos these tactical shotgun tips that will allow you to get on target quickly and efficiently in high-pressure shooting situations. Skills learned during his time in the Marine Corps and as a current police officer and shooting instructor.


Besides weapons safety and proving a shotgun the basic tactical stance is one of the most important skills you can learn. Positioning in a good stance will allow you to react to threats, get off accurate shots and be able to absorb recoil to ensure you get back on target quickly.

The shotgun is one of the most effective personal defense long-guns you can own so it pays to train properly on the range, especially if your profession or family's safety depends on it.

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Great Tactical Shotgun Tips, Starting with a Proper Stance