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Tactical Sharpshooter Wish List

The holiday season is always centered around finding the perfect gifts for loved ones, and if shooting is a favorite hobby of any of them, we’ve got some great ideas.

From shooting jackets to gun cleaning kits, here’s a gift guide for the sharp shooter on your shopping list.

The Ballistic Prevent Insulated Shooting Jacket ($126.75) from Browning will not only keep you warm and protected from the elements, but it looks pretty darn cool, too. Oversized, magnetic-closing pockets store shells, and the double shooting patch on each shoulder is ideal for right- or left-handed shooters.

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Browning also offers these great Tac-Pro Leather Shooting Gloves ($90). The textured palms will do wonders for your grip, and they’re made with high-quality Pittards leather, which is water and perspiration resistant.

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Eye and ear protection is a major concern when at the range, which is why every shooter should have something like the Browning Black Label Tactical Range Kit ($49.99), which includes low-profile tactical glasses, sturdy earmuffs and earplugs to ensure your hearing loss isn’t blamed on too many rounds through your rifle.

tacticalPhoto via Bass Pro Shops

Of course, a clean gun is a well-performing gun, so adding an Otis All Caliber Rifle Cleaning System will extend the life and the bulls eyes of your firearm. The bore solvent alone will help ensure everything stays clean and clear of obstructions. The Otis cleaning kit comes in a zippered nylon case and can strapped to a beltfor easy access.

cleaning systemPhoto via Bass Pro Shops

If shooting clay is more your thing, check out this Single Trap Thrower ($169.99) from, great for practicing your shot when the birds are out of season. It features a 3-pivot mount that allows you to throw targets in all directions, at any angle, on all planes.

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Tactical Sharpshooter Wish List