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Tact-Eyes Shooting Glasses Are For Pros, Or Those Who Want to Shoot Like One

Tact-Eyes are just cracking the surface of the market, but if a few more people catch on, they're going to be the next big thing in shooting glasses.

We talked with John Armstrong, President of Tact-Eyes, about why these shooting glasses are making such a buzz.

"Most shooting glasses at this point, except maybe Decot and other well-made shooting glasses, are glorified sunglasses. I know because I own them," Armstrong said. "So we set out to offer a high-end version for less."

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He's not kidding about the high-end part. Count on the bases being covered by the Tact-Eyes specs: they've got shatter-resistant, 2.4mm ballistic polycarbonate safety lenses; they're rated ANSI Z87.1+, block 100% UVA/UVB, and made of the same material as the space shuttle windshield; and the glasses are completely customizable for any face, with a wide, curved design to cover critical angles. Oh, and they're fit with earmuffs.

"It seems our primary market is sporting clays enthusiasts, but they are good for any shooting sport," Armstrong added.

Each pair of Tact-Eyes glasses is shipped with a yellow lens for low-light or foggy conditions and a True Color Smoke (TCS) lens for bright and glaring conditions.

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The frames are made out of Grilamid TR90, which Armstrong swears is basically unbreakable. You can bend them to fit your face exactly and they won't lose their shape.


Plus, these are some of the lightest glasses we've ever come across.

Another big positive attribute is their temple bar construction. They are so light they don't press hard against the temples, which means no tension headaches. In Armstrong's words, "They weigh just a touch over air."

If you're looking for something expensive and flashy, don't bother with Tact-Eyes. If you're looking for some shooting glasses you know will perform, and can rival the best in price and quality, then remember where you heard about Tact-Eyes first.

Like Armstrong said, "Shoot Better. See Sharper. Save Your Eyes."

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Find out more about Tact-Eyes on their website and on Amazon.

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Tact-Eyes Shooting Glasses Are For Pros, Or Those Who Want to Shoot Like One