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Tackle Tuesday - Vexilar FP100 FishPhone Mobile App and Camera System

Our latest edition of Tackle Tuesday features the capable Vexilar FP100 FishPhone, perfect for tech-centered fishing.

Since most anglers don't leave home without their cell phones, incorporating your outdoor activities with mobile technology seems like the natural next step.

Enter the Vexilar FP100 FishPhone system, which allows you to produce quality underwater images and view them directly on your mobile device.

              SG-fishphone        Screen-Shot-2013-11-12-at-11                                          Photo via Sportsman's Guide                                                                         Photo via Sportsman's Guide

The standalone, fully functional smartphone operating system runs off of a 6-hour lithium battery and is compatible with Android 2.0 or iOS 4.3. The 50-foot cable connects to the camera and transmits video or still images seamlessly to your smartphone.

Best of all, it uses its own Wi-Fi technology to create a 100-foot hotspot, allowing you to view underwater shots from the boat or share the signal with friends. You don't need cellular service for it to work properly, ideal for times when the search for fish brings you outside of basic coverage zones.

The light level controls could be a little more advanced, but for the money and ease-of-use, this is one of the best and most affordable fish finder set ups available.

The camera and cable comes with a carrying case, and the mobile app itself can be downloaded with a few scrolls and clicks.

Advancing technology should be embraced by the outdoors world, and the Vexilar FP100 mobile app and camera system is one of the prime examples of why that's true.

Tackle Tuesday is our weekly highlight of fishing equipment we've found you simply cannot live without. Whether it's new and cutting-edge or old and reliable, we'll profile an item that should be in everyone's tackle box. If you have suggestions or would like to submit your own product feature, send it to [email protected]

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Tackle Tuesday - Vexilar FP100 FishPhone Mobile App and Camera System