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Tackle Tuesday: Lazer TroKar Pro 16-Piece Hook Kit

Today's Tackle Tuesday includes the Lazer TroKar Pro 16-Piece Hook Kit, a must for the bass angler looking for a one-stop hook shop.

While fishing hooks are preferred for multitudes of reasons, one thing is for sure: not thinking about the performance of your hooks once you're out on the water is important. If you aren't thinking about them, that means they are working.

If you've yet to determine the ideal hooks for a variety of bass fishing needs, we'd like to propose the TroKar line, one of the best brands available.

The Lazer TroKar Pro 16-Piece hook kit includes everything you need for any style of bass fishing. Three-sided, surgically-sharpened TroKar hooks in a range of sizes and styles come in a clear plastic case with foam padding to keep everything in place. You get five wide gap worm hooks, three magworms, three flippin' hooks, two finesse flippin' hooks, and two tube hooks. That's a lot of fishing in a little box.

It's like the bass hook themselves when you use TroKar hooks, and their extreme sharpness requires very little force to get one on the line.

tackle-tues-lazer-trokarPhoto via Bass Pro Shops

 When you've graduated to serious fishing, and are ready for a serious hook, these guys will get you through seasons and seasons of bass. While there's no lack of hook manufacturers, and no lack of decisions to be made, be convinced that TroKar will withstand anything you, or the fish, can throw at it.

Tackle Tuesday is our weekly highlight of fishing equipment we've found you simply cannot live without. Whether it's new and cutting-edge or old and reliable, we'll profile an item that should be in everyone's tackle box. If you have suggestions or would like to submit your own product feature, send it to [email protected]

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Tackle Tuesday: Lazer TroKar Pro 16-Piece Hook Kit