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Tackle Tuesday: Frabill Grip N Check

How many times have you struggled to get a good measurement on a fish you just caught, only to have it flop off the boat edge ruler and back into the depths, gone forever?

Thanks to the Frabill Grip N Check, those days are over.

Billed as the only way to "Stop the Flop," the Grip N Check is a quick and easy way to get an accurate measurement without harming the fish or risking a floppy escape. With its curved thumb press, the Grip N Check is likely the best way to get a fast read on inches and determine what's a keeper and what isn't.


Photo via Bass Pro Shops

The funnel-shaped construction holds the fish in place, and the box at the end measures the length all the way to the tail. If the tail reaches the box, it indicates a length between 9 and 10 inches, the most common limit for crappie and other panfish in the majority of states.

If the fish isn't long enough, you can turn the device upside down and let it slide harmlessly back into the water.

Made of tough polycarbonate, it will rinse clean and last for years. Frabill has a reputation for producing high-quality fishing equipment since 1938, and this product is no exception.

The Grip N Check is, for the money, one of the top must-have items for any tackle box. It's portable enough to fit snugly alongside lures and line, and will be one of those devices that's used every time you reel one in.

Tackle Tuesday is our weekly highlight of fishing equipment we've found you simply cannot live without. Whether it's new and cutting-edge or old and reliable, we'll profile an item that should be in everyone's tackle box. If you have suggestions or would like to submit your own product feature, send it to [email protected]

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Tackle Tuesday: Frabill Grip N Check