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Tackle Tuesday: Berkley Pistol Lip Grip w/ Digital Scale

It’s Tackle Tuesday, and we’ve got a great idea for helping anglers get a grip with the Berkley Pistol Lip Grip and Digital Scale.

When you’re out fishing, timeliness is a pretty important aspect; you need to be where the fish are when they are biting, you need to know the optimal time of day to hit the water, and you need to act fast and efficiently when you finally do hook a big one.

Once a fish is close enough to grab with a net or your hands, timeliness becomes even more important. You need to quickly check the size and determine whether or not it’s a keeper, and today’s Tackle Tuesday feature will help you do just that.

Lip grips are a simple, one-handed way of getting a firm hold on a reeled-in fish. With Berkley’s Pistol Lip Grip and digital scale, there will be no doubting the size of your catch.

bass pro - scalePhoto via Bass Pro Shops

The stainless steel grip features coated swivel jaws that easily lock onto the bottom lip of a fish. The jaws open with a pull of the trigger, and the 30 pound digital scale provides a quick read of the weight.

And of course, because there’s always the risk of valuable fishing tools falling overboard, the Berkley Pistol Lip Grip includes a handy wrist lanyard.

Tackle Tuesday is our weekly highlight of fishing equipment we’ve found you simply cannot live without. Whether it’s new and cutting-edge or old and reliable, we’ll profile an item that should be in everyone’s tackle box. If you have suggestions or would like to submit your own product feature, send it to [email protected]


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Tackle Tuesday: Berkley Pistol Lip Grip w/ Digital Scale