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Tackle and Gear Considerations for Spring Rainbow Trout Fly Fishing

Give lake fly fishing a try this spring for rainbow trout by following this expert advice.

Hosts Mike Mitchell and Brian Chan of BC Outdoors Sport Fishing discuss how to best set up your gear and fly considerations for spring rainbow trout fishing. These guys are experts on fly fishing lakes and primarily use sinking tip and sinking line to get down and hook some nice rainbows.

I have seen Brian Chan on the show before and he definitely knows how to fish the bigger waters for trout.

This advice is well worth watching for the fly fishing enthusiast.

That is some great advice on fly rods, line and, tippet considerations. Throw in a variation of the flies they suggest, get them down and you will be catching rainbows.

The best feature for transitioning to lake fishing is that you can still use surprisingly lighter rods. Mike and Brian recommend five- or six-weight fly rods, likely the same setup we all use for river fishing.

What will need to change is the line, as there will have to be a switch from floating line to sinking line. This is easily achieved by having another reel ready to snap on your fly rod.

Best of luck this spring and if you have never fly fished a lake, try something new for this trout opener and apply these principles for big water fishing.


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Tackle and Gear Considerations for Spring Rainbow Trout Fly Fishing