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If Your Tackle Box Could Talk, These Are the 5 Secrets it Would Tell [PICS]

The Art of Manliness

If your tackle box could talk, what would it say?

Our old tackle boxes have quietly witnessed our wins and misses. What would it give away if it could narrate our fishing tales?

1. The tackle box remembers when it went down with the ship, but the captain did not.

It holds quite a grudge on that mishap.

Boat U.S.


2. That perfect fishing date that will live in your memory for the rest of your life.

Oh, that tackle box remembers. Maybe it packed some chocolates and even an engagement ring?



3. Remember when that hook dug deeply into your finger and the tackle box forgot to bring pliers or even a band-aid?

Your tackle box remembers, and still utters a hearty laugh at the thought of your tears of misfortune.

The Neptunite Blog


4. That tackle box remembers when you drank too much and thought a fish was your new cuddle buddy.

Ebaums World


5. Well, the tackle box stayed dry and happy.

Pocket Ranger Blog

That old tackle box has many secrets. Make sure you take care of it right or it just might spill the beans, or ahem, the lures.


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If Your Tackle Box Could Talk, These Are the 5 Secrets it Would Tell [PICS]