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Tackle Box Christmas Gift

"A Tackle Box Christmas" sounds like it would make a good children's book, no? See for yourself this holiday season. If you are looking to ignite a passion for fishing this holiday season, whether for a son or daughter, a nephew or niece, or even a close friend who has expressed interest in joining you on one of your annual fishing trips, then a fully-stocked tackle box can be one of the best and most thoughtful gifts you can give.

The Box: It figures that, when it comes to building a tackle box Christmas gift, the box itself is the most important ingredient. There are countless tackle boxes on the market, so you can pretty much pick what catches your eye - or wallet - in this department. If your loved one is a beginning angler then a basic and traditional tackle box - like the Plano Three-Tray ($11.97), for instance - might be perfect.

tackle - planoPhoto via Bass Pro Shops

However, if you want to do something a bit more expensive and extensive, the options are certainly available. We're fond of the Flambeau Outdoors Front-Load Kwikdraw ($53.99) for its tough construction and extra space, but it's tough to go wrong here.

tackle - brush guardPhoto via Sportsman's Guide

The Contents: As any serious angler knows, there are a lot of different things you can put in a tackle box, but if you are putting together a fishing "starter kit" of sorts, then sticking to the basics might be for the best.

One basic component is the fishing hook. Depending on your budget, you can either fill this section up with various hooks from your collection or with something like the Lazer TroKar Elite Pro Assortment 50-Piece Hook Kit ($56.99), which provides the kind of versatile hook selection that can get a beginning angler off to the races nicely. Every tackle box also needs fishing line. A 1/4-pound spool of Ande Ghost Monofilament Line ($6.99) should be a good starting point for most beginning anglers.

tackle - assortmentPhoto via Bass Pro Shops

Next, you will want to build up a small collection of other necessary baiting items, including sinkers, lures, bobbers, plastic worms, and anything else that comes to mind. You have a lot of leeway in the baiting section of the tackle box, so shop around and find whatever fits your budget. Alternatively, you can including a fishing guidebook like the Field & Stream Total Fishing Manuel ($27) and then use the resource to teach your friend or loved one how to pick out their own lures, baits, and other tackle.

tackle - fish manualPhoto via Bass Pro Shops

Once you've filled the tackle box with the essentials, you can get a bit more creative about what you throw in there. For instance, a set of PRO-KNOT Fishing Knot Tying Instruction Cards ($5.99) can be a great supplement to have in a tackle box, as it can serve as a resource new anglers return to time and time again as they learn to tie various fishing knots.

tackle - pro knotPhoto via Bass Pro Shops

You will also want to include a set of fishing pliers for hook removal and line cutting or crimping. Rapala Fisherman's Pliers ($8.99) are a nicely affordable and well-rounded product that will serve well for most first-time anglers.

tackle - fish pliersPhoto via Sportsman's Guide

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Tackle Box Christmas Gift