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Check Out The Incredible Tac-Con 241 Trigger System [VIDEO]

AR15 and AR10 shooters rejoice! Here's a trigger system that gets you as close as possible to full automatic shooting the way Stoner intended.

The Tac-Con 241 is a complete drop in trigger that complies with federal NFA guidelines. Rifles such as the AR15 and AR10 can utilize this system. The 241 trigger system allows you to fire at a very high rate of speed in what is considered near Full Auto.

The 241 trigger comes with an ambidextrous selector, not to be confused with the Tac-Con 3MR that is not ambidextrous, which allows operators to fire both left and right handed.

Tactical shooters understand ambi-selectors are especially helpful when using rifles down hallways in which the shooter would want to utilize the Wall-Body-Weapon approach. The technique coupled with this trigger allows quick engagement and minimal effort on the shooting style of the operator.

Trigger pull is very minimal on the 241, as it weighs in at 4.5 pounds in the semi-auto mode. When you switch to Stage 2, or "full auto mode," the pull now becomes 3.5 pounds for the first shot and only one pound for each subsequent trigger pull, allowing you to feel as if your shooting full auto.

Take note that the trigger is auto-assisted, which means it does reset the trigger by pushing it forward so that the shooter still needs to pull the trigger.

This upgrade does come at a premium in the near $400 range, and can be a necessary upgrade if you plan on engaging targets using double or triple taps.

Recreational shooters should take into consideration the amount of ammunition that will be used while training with the new trigger. 30 round magazines go quick so take note of how much ammo you have to train with.

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Check Out The Incredible Tac-Con 241 Trigger System [VIDEO]