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‘Syndicate Hunting’ Clark Dixon Sentenced for Poaching Case


Clark Dixon, former host of “Syndicate Hunting”, will face jail time for poaching charges.

Clark Dixon from the Sportsman Channel’s “Syndicate Hunting” was sentenced to prison for poaching on Thursday after reaching a plea deal with prosecutors.

A U.S. District Judge ordered Dixon serve the maximum on two separate felony counts of Lacey Act violations, totaling 16 months behind bars.

He will also have to pay fines equal to $75,000, forfeit 17 illegally taken mounts, and surrender his $200,000 plane that was used to transport the animals.

Under the plea deal, Dixon took responsibility for leading the poaching operation. He also admitted to hunting big game without a state-licensed guide, hunting without tags or permits, illegally guiding other nonresident hunters, having an illegal camp in a preserve, and unlawfully transporting wildlife.

Dixon was originally under investigation back in September of 2015 after he falsely claimed residency in Alaska to hunt. In November 2015, after further investigation, Dixon and four others eventually admitted to poaching numerous game species from the Noatak National Preserve in Alaska.

Matters were made worse after the two production companies for “Syndicate Hunting” were found to have shown the poached hunts on national television. They were also cited for filming in the preserve without a permit.

Both production companies, Outdoor Syndicate LLC and Zap Lab Ltd., were charged fines for not having the proper filming permits.

The four other men involved in the case received sentences of two to five years of probation under which they cannot hunt at all, fines totaling $65,000, and they had to forfeit any trophy’s taken in the preserve.

In total the individual cases racked up over $208,000 in fines. $62,500 will go back to the preserve as restitution for the poached animals.



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‘Syndicate Hunting’ Clark Dixon Sentenced for Poaching Case