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SWR Radius Laser Range Finder Pushes Shooters to Greater Shots

SWR Laser Range Finder

Shoot a mile away, literally, with the SWR Radius Laser Range Finder.

The SWR Rangefinder helps you acquire your distance very efficiently. The SWR uses an IR laser to measure the linear line. Effective to one meter accuracy and total of one mile.

The SWR is weatherproof and submergible. The laser aligns to the scope of the rifle. You can laser a target so that you know the exact yardage of what you are looking for. Priced in the mid-$900 range, you can also get this range finder for those very difficult long distance shots.

The LED Display give you the accurate readings fast. The SWR also has a continuous mode so that you will get constant readings as the laser works on its own. This is especially critical when you have several targets within the same group of each other. I can see this definitely being applicable to hog hunts as there are numerous targets within one group and you can choose the biggest boar easily.

Priced a little high for the average plinker, the SWR can definitely help you out when you get into the larger caliber rifles for great distance. The rangefinder will not make you a better shooter, but it will definitely give you an edge when calculating your shot. Reach out and make a difference.


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SWR Radius Laser Range Finder Pushes Shooters to Greater Shots