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Swordfish Impales Spearfisherman in Hawaii

After being speared, this swordfish impaled a man with his three-foot bill.

On Friday morning, 47-year-old Randy Llanes spotted a broadbill swordfish swimming near his boat in Hawaii’s Honokohau harbor. Llanes reached for his spear gun and entered the water in pursuit of the six-foot, 40-pound swordfish.

Llanes successfully speared the fish, but as the swordfish struggled to escape, the spear’s line became tangled in a mooring anchor. The swordfish turned on Llanes and swam toward him at high speed, striking him in the chest with his three-foot bill.

According to the State Department of Land and Natural Resources, Llanes was quickly pulled from the water and emergency technicians arrived within minutes. Unfortunately, it was too late. CPR attempts proved unsuccessful and Llanes was pronounced dead a short while later.

Llanes, who had been fishing the area for over 25 years, was remembered as a tough guy with a big heart, as well as an excellent fisherman (he’d caught a 500-pound marlin from a skiff the day before the accident) by friends and family.

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Swordfish Impales Spearfisherman in Hawaii